Professional Heavy Duty

PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS

PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS
PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS

PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS    PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS


XTUNER T1® is an Easy, Plug & Play, Full-System professional Windows based. 34 HD Brand diagnostic trusted by businesses shops & private garages in over 100+ Countries! Diagnose with WiFi to read to the tablet anywhere without cables.

Featuring powerful diagnosing functions with overall special functions (Resetting, Coding, Programming), and professional data replay, data stream analysis. Built-in overvoltage automatically insures protection to the vehicle and tool; built with strong ABS Plastic to with stand heat and drops with intelligent LED to insure connection. It meets the customers requirement and would be the best choice for workshops and mechanics. 23 Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, French, German.

Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian. Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Bosnian, Japanese, etc. Brand New Design: built-in overvoltage protection. Functionalities: Support ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL 10 test modes. Update: Automatic Wi-Fi update software release at official site. Identify: Can identify the year and model of the vehicles automatically and quickly. Durable: Work stably and smoothly in high and low-temperature environment. Operating systems: compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10 Operating Systems. Easy to use: With easy-to-use touch-screen and intuitive windows.

Perfectly support Windows 10 lot/Home/Pro, and Windows XP3/7/8. Routine diagnosis for almost all cars, mini vans and light duty vehicle from 1996 to newest utilizing ISO9141, ISO14230, ISO15765, SAE-J1850 VPW and SAE-J1850 PWM.

Professional full brands, full systems and full functions diagnosis service system with 12-inch three defense reinforcement multi-touch tablet. Extensive vehicle coverage for heavy-duty truck. Complete function capability including DTC, DTC freeze Info, Live data, Actuation test and Special function, and professional data replay, data stream analysis for automobile repacking. Support one-key update/logging/Test report/Feedback/function list via wireless. Support online & offline DTC query.

Beautiful UI interface, easy operation, good experience. Read ECU Info, Read DTCs, Erase DTCs, Clear learning value. Data Stream, Actuations, Read freeze frame data. Basic Reset, Oil change, Cylinder shut off test, Cylinder compression test. Cylinder balancing test, EGR Solenoid Test, EGR Pulse Ratio Test.

DPF Manual Forced, DPF Normal Regeneration. Control unit adaptations, Injector Codes, Read/Write VIN.

Road speed limit optional vehicle speed set. Level calibration, Idle speed learning, Idle speed Adjustment.

Camshaft timing control learning, etc. Engine system, Body System, SRS system, ABS(anti-lock brake system), Instrument System, Transmission system, Brake control system, Unit pump system, Common Rail System. Electronic control system, Natural gas system, Tail gas after-treatment system, etc. CLS/ATA Central Locking System with anti-theft alarm.

CTS Clock and Time System. MAN Marine Diagnostic System-(MMDS). MTS Modular Door Control System. Vehicle Electrical System Power Convertor.

WTA Auxiliary Heating System water-to-air. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter System.

VIN, Write Engine Serial Number. Allison Transmission 1000 Series, Allison Transmission 2000 Series, Allison Transmission 3000 Series, Allison Transmission 4000 Series, Allison Transmission T Series, Allison Transmission Off-highway Series, 1000/2000 product series (fourth generation), 3000/4000 product series (fourth generation), Etc. BOSCH EDC MS 6.2, ZF retarder + CAN. Wabco ABS, Wabco EBS, Wabco EBS 2. 0350 TOURISMO 0403, ACTROS, ATEGO, AXOR, Actros, Actros(963), Antos(963), Arocs(964), BR300, BR400, CAPACITY, CITO, CONECTO 0345, CTIARO, ECONIC, Econic(956), INTEGERO, INTOURO, O345 CONECTO, OC500, S315, TOURISMO 0403, TRAVEGO, Etc.

EDC7 system, EDC16C39 system, EDC16UC40 system, EDC17, Bosch unit pump (Dachai Deutz BF4M/BF6M), Bosch MS6.2, Bosch MS6.3, Bosch VECU, Bosch V50 system, Bosch P607_V40 system, etc. EDC7UC31, (WEICHAI) EDC7UC31, (XICHAI) EDC7UC31. (YUCHAI III) EDC7UC31, (YUCHAI VI) EDC7UC31, SFHEDC7C3. EDC16C39, EDC16UC40, EDC17(K Line) CV44 / 54 IV, EDC17, (CAN Line), CV44 / 54IV, EDC17-P1158V760 Euro IV, Bosche Common Rail EDC17CV54_P1074, (V740, V760), CAN EDC17-P1158V760, Euro IV, Bosch Common Rail EDC17CV54_P1074, (V740, V760), CAN, EDC17 K Line, EDC17 CAN Line, EDC17 C55, EDC17 Euro III K Line, EDC17 CV44 K Line. Bosch, MS6.2, Bosch, MS6.3, Bosch VECU, V50.

Brick, BOSCH EDC, Job, Etc. Truck Engine, Construction Machinery, CAT J1939. 11.1 L Truck - 3116 Truck. 3126 GMT 560 Truck AIS.

3126 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff. C-10 Truck Diesel Dual Fuel.

C11 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff. C-12 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff. C13 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff. C-14 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff. C-15 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff.

C-16 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff. C18 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff.

C-9 GMT 530/540 Truck AIS. C-9 GMT 560 Truck AIS. C-9 Truck Air Inlet Shutoff. Cummins J1939 self-identification, Cummins ISLe engine CM2150, Cummins ISC / ISL engine, Cummins ISMe engine, Cummins ISZe engine CM2150D, Cummins ISXe engine, Cummins QS series and so on. 95 XF, CF(2001 to 2006), CF Europe 6, LF(2001 to 2006), LF Europe 6, XF 105, XF 95.

New CF(2006 Later), New LF(2006 Later), XF Europe 6, Etc. Engine system, Retarder system, Suspension system, After treatment system, Brake system , Transmission system, Instrumentation system, Door control system, Vehicle control system, CAB climate system, Tachograph, Security system, Safety system , Auxiliary system. Communication system, Steering control system. ACM Exhaust aftertreatment, CPC Drive control, MCM Engine management.

TCM Transmission control module, Etc. Air Top 2000 OEM(Webasto), Air Top 3500 ST(Webasto), Behr/GKR Air conditioning control, EDC 7(BOSCH), EDC 7C32(BOSCH), Hydronic D5W(Eberspaecher), Kienzle-Stoneridge, Knorr EBS 4x2, Knorr EBS 6x2(Third middle bridge), Knorr EBS 6x2(Third drag and drop Bridge), Knorr EBS 6x4, Knorr EBS 8x4, Knorr EBS Car H88, Knorr EBS Car H95, Thermo 50, Webasto, VDO FFR Car-Engine(Navigator), ETC. Air Top 3500 ST (WEBASTO), BEHR/GKR Air Conditioning control, EDC 7 (BOSCH), EDC 7C32 (BOSCH), Hyrdronic, D5W (Eberspaecher), Kienzle-stoneridge, Knorr EBS 4x2, Knorr EBS 6x2 (Third Middle Bridge), Knorr EBS 6x2 Knorr EBS 6x4, Knorr EBS 8x4, KnorrEBS Car H88, Knorr EBS Car H95, Thermo 50, Webasto, VDO FFR.

AUMAN, AUMARK, AUV, Concrete Mixer, Cement Pump, LOVOL, Etc. Detroit Diesel Electronic Control, Cummins Diesel Engine, Allison Transmission. Bendix Brake System, Meritor Wabco Brake System, Etc. EDC DDEC III, Detroit Diesel Electronic Control.

EDC DDEC IV, Detroit Diesel Electronic Control. EDC DDEC V, Detroit Diesel Electronic Control. EDC DDEC MBE, Detroit Diesel Engine Control Module.

Reads ECU, Fault Code, Clear Fault Codes, Live Data & Active Tests. Fuso Powertrain - Engine Control Euro 3 & 4.

Fuso Power Train - Engine Control - Bosch EDC17 (Euro 5). Fuso Power Train - Engine Control - National - V Engine System. Fuso Powertrain - Engine Control - National 3 - National IV Bosch EDC7 C4-6. Fuso Powertrain - Transmission - Euro 3,4 & 5. Fuso Powertrain - Motor Control.

Fuso Powertrain - Battery Control. Fuso Chassis ABS 1 & 2.

Air fuel Ratio Control Tester. Air Mass Flow / intake temperature sensor. Cancellation of engine start limit. Differential pressure sensor for diesel particulate filter. Differential pressure sensor of diesel particulate filter. Pressure limit valve in rail. Pressure limiting valve in oil rail. The learning value of the Adblue meterdevice for the reset unit. The learning value of the SCR catalytic converter for the reset component. 700 Series, 600 Series, 500 Series, 300 Series, Bus/Coach, Heavy, Bus/Coach. Medium, Bus/Coach, Light, Industrial Engine, Etc. Minitruck, Medium truck, Heavy truck, Minibus, Medium bus, Big bus, Etc. Navistar Diesel Engine, Allison Transmission, Bendix Brake System. Meritor Wabco Brake System, Etc. ISUZU series, QingLing ISUZU series, North American ISUZU series, ELF series. C, E, L, F Heavy-Medium Duty.

North American - 1998 to 2017. Daily, EuroCargo, EuroCargo Restyling, EuroCargo Restyling Eu 4/Eu 5/EEV, EuroFire, EuroMover, EuroStar, EuroTech, EuroTrakker, Eurocargo Eu 6, PowerDaily, Seddon Atkinson, Stralis, Trakker, Vertis, Etc.

E 2000, E 2000 Evolution, F 2000, F 2000 Evolution, F 90, L 2000, LE 2000, M 2000, M 2000 L, M 2000 L Evolution, M 2000 M, M 2000 M Evolution, M 90, ME 2000, TG-A, TG-L, TG-M, TG-S, TG-X. MaxxForce 5 (2007 - 2009), MaxxForce 7 (2007 - 2009), MaxxForce 7 (2010 - 2012), MaxxForce 7 (2013), MaxxForce DT/9/10 (2007 - 2009), MaxxForce DT/9/10 (2010 - 2012), MaxxForce DT/9/10 (2013 -), MaxxForce 11/13 (2008 - 2009), MaxxForce 11/13 (2010 - 2012), MaxxForce 13 (2013 -), MaxxForce 15 (2011 - 2012), CAT CT11/13 (2010 - 2012), CAT CT15, CAT CT13 (2013), CAT CT13 SCR (2013 -), MaxxForce 13 SCR (2013 -), MaxxForce DT/9/10 SCR (2013), MaxxForce 12.4D, Volkswagon, MaxxForce 9.3 (Euro V), CAT CT13. Covered up to 2018 protocol: SAE J1939, SAE J1708. Access DIX Europe 4/5, G, Kerax, Kerax DXI Europe 3, Kerax DXI Europe 4/5, Magnum, Magnum DXI Europe 3, Maxer, Maxity, Midiner M, Midiner S, Midlum, Premium, Premium DXI Europe 3, R. P series, G series, R series, K series, 4 series, 3 series, 114, 124, 144, 164, 94, Etc.

Covered all Toyota models of North America, Europe, Asia, Japan, other market up to 2018. Nissan UD engine system, Hino engine, UD2004 and Earlier, UD(2004), FE6 engine, RG8 engine, RH8 engine, RF8 engine, GE13(KWP) engine, MD92(KWP) engine, UDS, Gas treament, ABS/ASR, EBS, SRS Airbag, ESCOT, AT, Smoother, HAS/CFS, BCM, Immobilizer, BCM(MIMAMORI), VIM (Vehicle Interface Module). Truck, Bus, Cummins Engine, Etc. 166 TPM Tyre Pressure Monitoring.

221 Driver Information Display #2. 229 DC/DC Slave Convertor Control Unit. 238 Driver Assistance Control Unit. 245 Second Battery Management Unit. 247 DC/DC Converter Control Unit.

B10 - B10L - B12 - B12B - B12M - B12R - B6R - B7L. B7R - B9L - B9L - B9R - B9S - B9TL - PREVH - PREVX. All T1 + Tablets are covered from any natural wear due to craftsmanship, internals, Wifi.

If it breaks we will accept a return to repair/replace the unit. To your home or business on us. With us we have you covered from start to finish! Located in CA, US and KY, US. If your package delayed few days, due to any unexpected factor, please wait patiently. Your kindly understanding and great patience would be highly appreciated! Please return the item within 30 days after receiving if you are not happy with your purchasing. We have been engaged for many years in the line of automobile diagnosing instruments and our corporation is established for the purpose of trustworthiness.

Your satisfaction is our sole mission all over the world. We have three warehouses that are located in the United States & HongKong, Shenzhen.

We assure you not only good service but also excellent products. We will try our best to help you.

Great for Business, Shops and Private Garages. 8in Android 1200800 Tablet + OBDII WiFI Adapter. This is a Full-System Professional Level scanner with internet capability which allows for wireless access throughout the workshop. Powerful multiple functions like real time data, ECU programming Oil reset, EPB, TPMS, ABS Bleeding, DPF, ETS, Battery, Injector and so much more! Unparalleled OBDII supporting capability for all 5 OBDII protocols and 10 testing modes Hardware architecture uses a new design with multiple protection, interference and stability. Built-in overvoltage protection module is applied, in order to protect scanner and vehicle against accidental damage. CHRYSLER, FORD, GM, JEEP, SCION, ABARTH, ALFA, ASTON, AUDI, BENTLEY, BENZ, BMW, BUGATTI, CITROEN, DACIA, FERRARI, FIAT, FORDEU, JAGUAR, LAMBORGHINI, LANCIA, LANDROVER, MASERTI, MINI, OPEL, PEUGEOT, PORSCHE, RENAULT, SAAB, SEAT, SKODA, SMART, VAUXHALL, VOLVO, VW, ACURA, ASIAGM, DAEWOO, DAIHATSU, HONDA, HYUNDAI, INFINITI, ISUZU, KIA, LEXUS, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, PERODUA, PROTON, SSANGYONG, SUBARU, SUZUKI, TOYOTA. Read and Erase Fault codes for all systems Engine, ABS, Airbag, Transmission (Gear Box).

Read/Write VIN Clear learning value Real Time Data Stream. ECU Initial startup & initialization. Oil Change, idle Speed Learning, idle Speed Adjustment, Air bleeding, Level calibration, Throttle Adaptations, Steering angle Sensor Calibration, EPB Reset, DPF Reset, ECU Initial Startup, ECU initialization etc.

ME-Motor electronics, CDI-Common Rail Diesel Injection. ESP - Electronic Stability Program. COMAND/AUDIO, CD/DVD, TV tuner, CTEL-Cellular telephone.

ESA Driver-Electric seat adjustment driver. ESA passenger-Electric seat adjustment passenger. SVMCM-Special vehicle multifunction control module, etc. XTUNER E3 Full system Adapter & Accessories.

XTUNER E3 Tablet with pre-installed software & Dual OS. Free Tablet Case as gift (Black/ white availalable, leave us message after order). Set Tablet accessories (1 USB Charger & Cable + 1 OTG cable for data transfer). Heavy Duty Plastic Carrying Case. Factory Support is also available!

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  • Supported System: ABS
  • Modified Item: No
  • OBD Interface: CAN
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • Features: Backlit Display
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply
  • Vehicle Type: Heavy Duty/Commercial
  • Accessories: Adapter Cable
  • Brand: IDUTEX TECH
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Warranty: 3 Year

PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS    PRO-GRADE Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic + Tablet (WiFi) Scanner 34 HD BRANDS